US $19.99

All of Your Files -
All of the Time

Manage, Create, Stream & Play

Nero MediaHome Standard -
“The Manager” for your multimedia

Forget about using different systems for your photos, music, and videos, instead, bring all of your media together
using a single solution. Nero MediaHome Standard is your control center for managing, creating, streaming, and playing back
all of your files in almost any format – whether video, music, movies, or images.

  • Streaming
  • Transcoding
  • Nero MediaHome - Backup


One Location for All Your Media Files

Nero MediaHome gives you a central point of access to videos, photographs, and music in every format. Thanks to extra-fast file import from external hard drives and smartphones, connectivity with Windows Media® Player and iTunes®, and the integration of your online Nero BackItUp storage solution, you can bring together what belongs together.




Awesome Entertainment – with You in Charge!

Thanks to Nero MediaHome you can take charge of your own entertainment. Create, export, and burn the right playlist for any occasion; rip or copy your favorite CD; use different filters for the perfect photo; or put together slide shows – including photos, videos, and even film music in the background.




Streaming for Everyone – and Everything

“Just show it!” When you get requests like this you can now fulfill them right away with the aid of Nero MediaHome. All thanks to the different streaming options that bring your movies, photos, slide shows, and more to where you happen to be right now. And thanks to the Nero Streaming Player App, that now also includes any mobile device and your smart TV! 




A Comfortable Way to Enjoy All Your Media

With Nero MediaHome you can not only play your music and videos or show your latest photographs in a simple drag & drop process. You can also synchronize entire music albums, or just individual tracks, together with the associated playlists.


Nero Media Home