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DVD-Video vs. Videos on Data DVD

Felix Huening27.01.2015

We are often asked about the difference of a DVD-Video and burning video files to data DVD. Please let us explain the difference here.

A DVD-Video is what you get when you go to a store and buy a commercial DVD with a Hollywood blockbuster. It features a nice menu where you can select different titles with a remote control form the comfort of the couch. To create such a DVD-Video yourself a process called "Authoring" needs to be applied. Nero Video makes this very simple for you. See this video tutorial:

Such a disc will play in any standalone DVD or Blu-Ray player as the authoring process guarantees for maximum compatibility.

So why would someone want to burn a data DVD with video files and play it on his standalone DVD or Blu-Ray player?

We believe the two main reasons are: Video resolution and conversion time. A DVD-Video is limited to the so called SD (standard definition) video resolution. Compared to the HD resolution you have on Blu-Rays and modern digital TVs that feature HD (High definition), the picture on DVD-Videos consist of much less detail (only one fourth of the pixels). So if you have a video file that has more than standard definition,  picture information will be lost and the picture will be less crisp when you put it on a DVD-Video. The second drawback of authoring is that most of the time the video files will need to be converted to a special DVD-Video compatible format (MPEG-2). This process can take from several minutes to an hour and keep your PC pretty busy.

So if you want to enjoy the original resolution and spend less time the simplest way is to burn your video files on a data DVD with Nero Express, Nero Burning ROM or Nero BurnExpress. Just select the Data DVD/DVD ROM (UDF) project type in your favorite Nero application, add your video files and burn them.

But stop...why would anyone do DVD-Video authoring if a data DVD with video files is faster and has potentially a better picture quality? The answer is compatibility with standalone DVD and Blu-Ray players. While many of today's players can handle a wide variety of video files on data DVDs one will never know if it works or not until he/she tries it out with the actual disc on the actual device. If it works, all fine. But still it might not play on your second DVD-Player you have for the kids in your car or on aunt Annie's DVD player that is a couple of years old already.

Beside this: Be assured that aunt Annie would really appreciate a DVD-Video with such nice menus:


Burn videos as Audio CD

Oliver Schneider20.11.2014

Every day people utilize four million CD recordable to burn their stuff on. In many cases they just burn standard Audio CDs. This format is available for more than two decades now already and it is still very popular. Millions of Nero Burning ROM and Nero Express users trust the most reliable recording technology made in Germany for this task. Those applications are famous also for the wide variety of audio file formats supported. It doesn't matter if your music files or audio books are in MP3, MP4, Dolby Digital, Flac, Ogg, Wave, Windows Media Audio...Nero Burning ROM and Nero Express will produce Audio CDs with crystal clear sound.

But are you aware that you can also use video files as source to burn Audio CDs?

This is especially handy if you have downloaded music videos from online portals or if you utilized Nero Video to record a concert from live TV. Regardless whether your files are in MP4, AVI, VOB, M2TS, WMV, MOV format you can just drag and drop them in an Audio CD compilation. The video tracks will be automatically removed and only the audio track will be recorded. If you like, you can even trim the single tracks and add chapter marks so you can navigate easily through the disc for example on your car stereo.
For a maximum of formats to be supported we recommend Nero 2015 Platinum for the task. We hope you have enjoyed this tip and we are looking forward to your feedback under: